tryhackme Disk Analysis & Autopsy write-up

  • Description: Ready for a challenge? Use Autopsy to investigate artifacts from a disk image.
  • Room:

Task 1 Windows 10 Disk Image

In the attached VM, there is an Autopsy case file and its corresponding disk image. You need to re-point Autopsy to the disk image file.

tryhackme The find command write-up

  • Description: A learn-by-doing approach to the find command.
  • Room:

Task 1 - Start finding

When you know exactly what you’re looking for, you don’t need to search for it; you just have to find it.

  • Description: This room aims towards helping everyone learn about the basics of “Malware Reverse Engineering”.
  • Room:

Strings :: Challenge 1

This executable prints an MD5 Hash on the screen when executed. Can you grab the exact flag?

  • Description: Room for beginner Reverse Engineering CTF players.
  • Room:


Question : Let’s start with a basic warmup, can you run the binary?

  • Description: Deploy & hack into a Windows machine, leveraging common misconfigurations issues.
  • Room:

[Task 1] Recon

Scan the machine

  • Description: Learn about and exploit each of the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities; the 10 most critical web security risks.
  • Room:

Task 5-[Severity 1] Command Injection Practical

What strange text file is in the website root directory?

  • Description: An in depth look at scanning with Nmap, a powerful network scanning tool.
  • Room:

Task 2: Introduction

What networking constructs are used to direct traffic to the right application on a server?

Hassan Mohammadi

Computer student and interested in programming and security

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